Safety is Key to Everything we do

Pre-Job Safety Planning

  • Every job whether it is a large project or a small task is pre-planned to ensure every task is done safely to allow any risk to be mitigated

Employee Screening and Hiring

  • We utilize a rigorous screening program with thorough background checks, DISC personality assessments, and Gallup interview screening, along with an extensive interviewing process to ensure we get employees that are determined to work safe and have a great work ethic and attitude

Safety Orientation and Training Program

  • Ensures all employees at every level know the site-specific safety plan and requirements


Safety Recognition Program

  • Rewards and encourages good safety habits and behaviors

Near Miss, Accident and Injury Investigations

  • We utilize Fault Tree Analysis methods like 5 whys to get to the bottom of any near miss before they escalate into a future accident

Top Down Support and Employee Hotline

  • We make sure that every employee knows and understands that safety is the number one focus. We will do every task safely, if it can not be done then every employee knows he or she has the right to stop the job and/or call the safety hotline to report any concerns. Management reinforces this at every level.

Record Keeping Monitoring and Auditing

  • We utilize a Behavioral Based Safety program and we encourage a positive, "Watch out for each other" attitude. We ensure full participation at all levels with 360 degree reviews.